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About Us

Lil Bits. Sinfully Delicious

Kos Kreations is here to Kreate an unforgettable chocolate experience featuring our sinfully delicious Lil Bits. With the perfect amount of chocolate & nut in every bite, You Can't Eat Just One!


Custom Orders

We Offer Double Peanut. Premium. & Deluxe.
Premium include: Pecan, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts.
Deluxe Include: Macadamia nut, Cashew, Walnut, Almond

Since 2021, I have aspired to always deliver a truly unique and memorable experience from start to finish. I believe that confections are more than just goodies on a plate; it’s about building a relationship with my clients, understanding their personal style, and delivering a complete experience for them and their guests. Custom orders mean that you can mix and match nuts in all the different varieties.Truly giving you an absolutely, unique chocolate experience!


Kos Kreations brings our expertise to your home, office, or event space, giving you the freedom to enjoy top-quality chocolate without effort. Our Drop-Offs are guaranteed to take your tastebuds to another level. Lil Bits, You Can't Eat Just One!

Let me wow you Southern Oregon as well as the world. Lil Bits


How Can Kos Kreations Kreate For you?

Rogue River, OR, USA